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Engagement Session at the Sabine Street Bridge in Houston, Tx.

If you’re looking to display your love for the city of Houston, in your engagement photos, Sabine Street Bridge is one of the perfect locations to do so. This location is very versatile and can provide different photo options. It definitely made Manny and Joshua’s engagement photos look so elegant and timeless.

The Location

Sabine Street Bridge is located at Buffalo Bayou Walk, Houston, TX 77019. (I will discuss the details about parking in another section of this blog).

This bridge could be the perfect spot for your engagement photoshoot – it is seriously a stunning design. Not only does it offer breathtaking views of the Houston skyline in the background, but there are also tons of different areas nearby that you can explore for a variety of looks in your photos. You have the option to walk to areas where you will get more of a nature scenery.

Sabine Street Bridge makes it easy to have plenty of options to choose from without even having to drive anywhere! Plus, there’s something so romantic about strolling hand in hand along the bridge.

Outfits Ideas for Sabine Street Bridge

For this specific photoshoot, Manny chose to wear a beautiful satin dress and she looked absolutely stunning. Joshua also looked great wearing an outfit that perfectly coordinated with hers. They were seriously beautiful together. They definitely were the definition of elegance and style.

Also… a little side note, as a photographer, I recommend my clients to wear colors that aren’t too bright or patterns that will draw focus away from the subjects. Some of the safe colors to think about when planing your engagement session are: earthy tones, neutral colors, or even pastel colors during the spring on certain occasions.

The Fur Babies

Guess what made this photoshoot even more special? This couple brought along their two adorable fur babies to join in on the fun!

Having pets in your engagement photos is seriously the best idea ever. Not only do they add an extra dose of cuteness to the photos, but they’re also a part of your family and deserve to be included in these special moments.

Plus, let’s be real – who doesn’t love seeing furry babies being all cute and cuddly in engagement photos?

As a photographer, it was so heartwarming to capture the love and bond between Manny, Joshua, and their fur babies.


Due to this location being so near the downtown area of Houston, Tx, parking is limited – specially during the weekends.

Never EVER park on the bridge unless you’re going to take some quick photos of or with your car.

If you leave your car parked on the bridge, you will get a ticket. Trust me, I have seen it happen plenty of times.

A good location to park for free is at 115 Sabine St Houston, TX 77007. It is a very small parking lot so spaces are limited and there is also a limit in the amount of hours you can stay parked there.

You may also find a few spots to park at on the street but always be aware of parking restrictions.

What to Avoid

Aside from avoiding getting a ticket for parking on the bridge, you might also want to avoid weekends. Sometimes you might get away with weekend photoshoots but usually that is when it’s mostly packed.

Another thing to avoid are days with events going on around Sabine St. Many times there are events like, marathons, happening and it creates a lot of traffic and close to no parking at all. For example, on October, it is best to avoid booking a photoshoot on the weekend during The Houston Race for the Cure (breast cancer awareness and funds event).

Get Inspired

I hope that these tips will help when planning your photoshoot at Sabine Street Bridge. It is definitely one of my favorite spots. It really helps capture amazing photos in Houston, Tx. If you are wanting to explore more or are ready to have your photos captured by me, simply fill out my contact form! I would love to help and guide you through your photoshoot.

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