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I began doing photography at the age of 18 because of a kind gesture and somehow ended up becoming my full time job.

But where was I before doing photography full time?? I was a pre-med student! I got my basics done at my home community college & transferred to the University of Houston to get my bachelors degree. Within those years, I got to do biochemistry research at San Jacinto Community College. That research took my research partner and I to a national conference in Georgia! After that, I did a 2 month biomedical research program at the University of Iowa where we studied cancer research and got to work on Zebrafish embryos to collect more data for the cleft mouth & palette research. Honestly one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life! Lol 

Once Covid hit, things flipped upside down a little. My attention went straight to photography and decided to leave school. 2020 was the year I decided to dedicate my full-time to photography and I do not regret it at all!! 

I truly love creating images that will make you FEEL, what you felt, year after year. 

fun facts

I have gone skydiving before.

I did a biomedical research program at the University of Iowa for 2 months.

I used to be a Pre-Med student before deciding to do photography full time.

I have a younger brother who is 18 years younger than me (weird, I know lol).

I love plants and everything gardening.

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Love notes from clients

kind words

"Bianka is truly amazing!"

From scheduling engagement photo session, engagement photoshoot, wedding prep, wedding ceremony/reception. No matter how stressful a wedding could be, she makes me want to have more weddings. Our wedding and engagement photoshoot really represents who we are as a couple. We didn't want it to be staged so when we saw Bianka's work, we knew she's the one and boy she did not disappoint. Highly recommend and we're already just looking for some special occasion to pop up so we can work with her again."

- Sarah + Garrett

"Bianka is my go-to photographer!"

"Bianka has been my go-to photographer for 5-6 years now. Of course I hired her for my wedding and it was the best decision ever made. She does it all!!! from artistic/concept shoots, to family portraits, to weddings/events. The most kind and patient person, very creative, and absolutely a natural at what she does!!!"

- Jessica + Carlos

"Bianka was punctual and professional!"

"She is a good friend of mine and she does not let that get in the middle of her business. She remains professional and embraces the scenario/situation she has to work with. I was running a bit late to my wedding and she was patient and took advantage of that time to take pictures of decorations and maximize the amount of pictures she could get. I love her work so much. She never fails to make me feel comfortable during photoshoots. I've had the privilege to book her for many of my special occasions because I know I can count on her to catch beautiful candid pictures."

- s

"Bianka is extremely talented and the sweetest photographer ever!"

"I’ve taken family pictures with Bianka for over 6 years and all sessions have been amazing! Bianka has so much patience when it comes to kids and knows how to make them laugh and willing to take pictures when they aren’t feeling up to it. We always look forward to every session we book with her. Love her work tremendously!"

- Dayanara